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About us

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We represent public transport user interests by lobbying state and local authorities to improve public transportation services. These improvements include decreasing travel times, increasing frequency and number of transport lines, improving multi-modal connectivity, and creating alternatives to private car usage that are comfortable, convenient, and practical.

15 Minutes believes effective, equitable public transport can function as a powerful tool in reducing socio-economic gaps, significantly reducing air pollution, and promoting a healthier environment and lifestyle for everyone.

Our mission is to change existing power dynamics by transforming transport users into a community of empowered activists who use their voices to advocate for their needs, and the changes required to create functional, user-friendly transport networks.

We conduct a wide range of activities including forming and supporting groups of local activists, maintaining a hotline for PT passengers, surveying and analysis of travel habits,  working with employers to develop alternatives to car commuting, and deployment of media campaigns that inspire national conversations about the most public transport issues. 


The culmination of these activities is continued and persistent pressure on national and local politicians to keep transport issues at the forefront of their agendas and promote policies that benefit transport users and prioritize sustainable public transport in Israel.

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